Old Photos

From this page you can access a collection of old photographs taken at Silver Springs Resort.  It appears that most of the photos are from the 1950s but a couple may be much older.  I have always found these photos interesting, not only for the natural curiosity about the people in them, but also for the back ground and the window into the past that they present.  The photo above is of my Grandfather and Father standing in CR38 with the morning's catch.

As I stated previously; these photos were from one of the many framed photo montages that hung in the cabins at Silver Springs.  This collection was given to me in 1972 by the man who managed Silver Springs because it contained photos of my Grandparents.  Actually, it contained 3 of the only 4 photos I have of them at the lake.  At the time all I wanted were my Grandparents photos but the manager said to take them all.  I have been thankful for his generosity ever since.

If you have photos of Silver Springs I would love to post them on this site.  Additionally, if you recognize anyone in my gallery please email me with information and I will post a new page with the photo and any information about that person you can supply.  Email: wgvandyck@msn.com

The Photo Gallery

Below are two separate photo presentations.  The Slide Show is a link to my You Tube slide presentation.  The Photo Gallery contains the same photos as the Slide Show, but may work better on a slow internet connection.

The Slide Show

The Photo Gallery


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